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Fitchburg, MA Physical Therapy

An Elevated Experience

Elevated Physical Therapy & Fitness in Fitchburg, MA strives to provide top of the line care to help you reach your health, fitness, and performance goals.

Our 3-step Elevated Experience

To help Central MA patients like you reach your health, fitness, and performance goals

Shoulder and elbow pain injuries, Elevated PT, Fitchburg, MA
Shoulder & elbow pain injuries rehabilitated for patients in Worcester County, MA.

Step 1: Rehabilitate

We improve your pain and get you moving how you should be!

For many Fitchburg area patients, this will often have a heavier emphasis on basic single joint/muscle exercises and manual therapy.

Step 2: Activity reintegration

We will begin to reintroduce multi-joint exercises and mimic the activities you’re hoping to return to.

This lets many Leominster area patients progressively load the tissues and handle them without pain.

David Fraser Elevated Physical Therapy Fitness Fitchburg
Dr. David Fraser evaluating a physical therapy patient in Fitchburg, MA.
Shoulder pain physical therapy in Fitchburg, MA.
Example of shoulder pain physical fitness services in Central, MA.

Step 3: Performance

An emphasis will be placed on more than just returning you to your prior activities.

For our value patients in Worcester county, we focus improving your performance and preventing further issues down the line.

This is the key to maintaining the changes we’ve made—the final step and what truly sets us apart!

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